Superintendent - Rick Bleichner
Superintendent - Rick Bleichner
Superintendent's Message

Each year we as a district are by Minnesota statute, section 1208.11 to create an annual world's Best Workforce, (WBWF), report that is avallable for our district residents to access. This is an important piece of information that is vitat to the continued success of our district as this represents a tnapshot''of who we are as a schoor distrlc. This is a rong term strategic plan that is aligned with creating the world,s best workforce.

This past year we explored possibitities to improve our HVAC here in our buitdlnts. lt was decided to move forward with the proiect at a cost of milrion. This wirr replace our currently outdated and inefficient heating system along with adding dehumidification within the school as well, projected work wi begin in the summer of 2024.

We finally ltnished up on a project that has been going on for quite a few years, This past summer we had the rest of our asbestos tile floor abated and replaced. The cafeteda, FAcs room, and hallway to the smafl gym were repraced and now this project has been compreted,

Each year through a 7 year curriculum review cycle we look at curricular needs, Each area of curriculum is studied, e,atuated arigned, setected, implemented, monitored, and anaryzed based on where that subject content lies ln the cirriculum cycle,

This past year the Herman'Norcross school District was able to focus on Science and Health at the high school. New curricutum was serected and purchased through a curricurum investigation and review process.

A continuint goal of the schoot board has been to: "rmprove Ag, FFA, and shop program.,, rt is felt that we are continuing to make those improvements with the hiring of a new instructor and with the help of community volunteers.

The Herman-Norcross school District will continue to make curriculum improvements, technology advancements, and updates to our facilities. we are proud of what we have to offer and feel that our students are gettint a well-rounded education. we are continuously looking for new opportunities for our students to meet their needs.


Rick Bleichner, Superintendent