Welcome to Herman-Norcross Elementary

HNCS welcomes you to our school! Our teachers take pride in creating an educational program that is caring, personalized, and high achieving. We have a reputation for dedication, creativity, and excellence.  Our staff is committed to reaching each child not only academically but socially and emotionally as well.

Renaissance Learning

Herman-Norcross Elementary uses an online learning program called Renaissance Learning. This program provides students with additional practice in both reading and math. The reading portion is called Accelerated Reader (AR). Students read books and take comprehension quizzes to earn points. As students earn points, we have incentives which are given out different increments. The math portion is called Freckle. Students are given online assignments from teachers and go through different math lessons to earn coins. They can then use those coins in the online store to decorate their avatar.

Students complete these activities in school, but if you are ever looking for extra math practice at home, this is a great place to start!

Information and Digital Literacy Standards
We incorporate information and digital literacy standards into our K-12 curriculum. Students in kindergarten and first grade have individual iPads in the classrooms to use for learning games, specifically in reading and math. Students in second through twelfth grade have individual Chromebooks and use their school Google accounts for various learning experiences. As students go through our educational system, they are exposed to new and emerging technologies in a safe and responsible manner.